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Objective of the Web site:

This web site is intended to provide a broad range of health-related information of use to all engaged in the poultry industry while providing special areas for our staff, our clients and their customers. The focus is on commercial poultry of all types (traditional, conventional, free-range, high welfare, organic etc) as opposed to pet and specialist rare-breed flocks.

Poultry Health Services: Serving the Poultry Industry

........We aim to provide our clients with a full range of high quality, cost-effective, veterinary services to maximise the health, welfare and productivity of their livestock, to help improve food quality and safety and, thereby, to contribute to the profitability of their businesses.
........We do this by building a professional team of specialist veterinarians, scientists and support staff, implementing continual professional development, and providing the equipment and laboratory facilities appropriate to this objective.
........All high-volume laboratory work is performed in-house using quality-assured methods, with any other required work being sourced externally as needed.