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  A pragmatic approach.  
preparing culture media Experience has led our staff veterinarians to understand all the commercial implications a course of action might have. Our fundamental approach is to involve ourselves in all aspects of poultry production and commercial performance enabling us to offer a full range of practical solutions accompanied by proven advice.  
Individually tailored programmes of vaccination, preventative husbandry and veterinary field trial management are preferred to post outbreak intervention. Advice can also be given on the refinement of operational hygiene standards.  
In addition to veterinary referrals and consultancies, technical support and veterinary field trial management are offered to pharmaceutical, poultry breeding, animal feed and food manufacturing companies in the UK and overseas.  
  Keeping you at the forefront of best practice.  
  Having established close working relationships with poultry research experts, we can offer our clients a comprehensive service which is continually being updated with the latest technological advancements.  
  A partnership approach to research provides us with the ability to develop new testing regimes and to access technical facilities which are not currently available in-house.