4th International Symposium on Turkey Diseases

Berlin, 15th - 18th May 2002

Hotel Steglitz International

Selected Papers 
Turkey production and political aspects
Animal Welfare and Management

Hafez, H.M., Kerstin Wäse and V. Bergmann (Germany)

Beak-trimming: Histological comparison between Bio-beaker and Infra red methods
Enteric Diseases
Mülling, Ch. (Germany)
Morphology and function of the intestinal tract in poultry
Froyman, R., Tanja Irion and G. Greif (Germany)
Recent efficacy data of toltrazuril against turkey coccidiosis in cage and floor pen studies
Käsbohrer Annemarie (Germany)
Zoonoses in turkey – risk for the consumer?

Jodas Silvia and H. M. Hafez (Germany)

Vaccination of turkey breeding flocks with inactivated Salmonella enteritidis vaccine (Salenvac)