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April 26th-27th 2001

ISSN 0041-428X                                                                              Vol. 49 gratefully acknowledges the permission of the publisher of this material (Turkeys Magazine) to make it available on our Turkey Health Forum. Papers relevant to turkey health are added monthly. Check this page for new links.


The current status of Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale p.1

Goossen van den Bosch,

Intervet International, The Netherlands


The Mycoplasma – a wolf in sheep's clothing? p.5

Janet Bradbury,

Dept Veterinary Pathology, University of

Liverpool, England


Improving reproductive efficiency in turkeys: The influence of sperm competition and function p.7

Ann M. Donoghue

Poultry Science Centre, University of Akansas,



Are inner perivitelline sperm binding and embryonic mortality related? p.13

Vern Christensen

North Carolina State University, USA


Techniques for managing parent stock turkey breeder males to reduce breeding costs, improve fertility and optimise the performance commercial progeny p.19

Kenneth K. Kreuger

Diamond K Research, USA


The respiratory system: a critical control point during grow-out p.25

Helen Wojcinski

Hybrid international, Canada


Hepatic Lipidosis in turkey hen breeding candidates p.29

Peter Gazdzinski

Cuddy Farms, Canada


The role of coronavirues in enteric diseases of turkeys p.31

David Cavanagh

Institute for Animal Health, Compton, England


Dietary and enzyme strategies to reduce faecal phosphorus and potential risks p.35

Paul H. Patterson

Dept of Poultry Science, University of

Pennsylvania, USA


GMOs and agriculture: facts, fears, and foods p.39

David Harry

Nicholas Turkey Breeding Farms, USA


Influence of nutrition on imunity status of the bird p.43

Douglas Korver

University of Alberta, Canada


Nutrition and management effects on growth and breast meat yield p.47

Sally Noll

Extension Animal Scientist – Poultry,

University of Minnesota, USA


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