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Focus on Vaccines and Vaccination:
Ruma Guidelines Summary Responsible use of vaccines and vaccination in poultry
Vaccine - on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Administering Vaccines - Canadian Poultry Industry Council
Vaccination Administration Techniques - Drinking Water T. Cserep
Controlled Droplet Administration_for_poultry_vaccination- Micron
Vaccination by Injection - the Do's and Don'ts- T.Cserep
Auditing vaccine application procedures in poultry
Poultry Serology: Understanding Blood Test Results PMcM
Vaccine Administration to Poultry Flocks- P.Cargill & J.Johnson
Biosecurity and Vaccination in Eradicating Salmonella enteritidis KRG

Food Safety and other Contemporary Industry Concerns PMcM 2003
Soluble Vitamins for PoultryPMcM
Disease Problems of Commercial Pullets KRG
Wet Litter in Turkeys:Diseases and Interactions- ADAS Conference October 98 PMcM
Risk assessment and risk management in the Poultry Industry-Fedesa Pres. July 98 PMcM
Diagnosis/Management/Control of Pneumovirus Infection in Broiler Parents-Facta Apr 98 PMcM
Poultry Health Monitoring Using Computers-WPSA Presentation 10/97 PMcM
A Commercial Salmonella enteritidis Elisa test WVPA Presentation 8/97 PMcM
Some Interesting Case Histories - Pasteurella, Vaccine reactions, Rickets etc.
Serum storage cards 1982 PMcM

Antimicrobial Issues/Background Information:
E.U. Scientific Steering Committee 2nd Report, May 2001 (Acrobat document - Download)
JETACAR Report, September 1999 (Acrobat document - Australia)
Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food - Synopsis of report on Microbial Antibiotic Resistance in relation to food safety, June 1999
EU CVMP Report on Antimicrobial Resistance Various FTP download options
Digestive Enhancers- The European Situation: Berlin Symposium PMcM Presentation Mar 1999
American Society of Microbiology response to FDA document
FDA Framework Document re. Antimicrobial Resistance
Prudent Use of Antimicrobials:OIE Symposium PMcM Presentation March 1999
House of Lords Select Committee report on Resistance to Antimicrobials 1998
Digestive Enhancers :NOAH Symposium PMcM Presentation December 1997

Antimicrobial Use Guidelines

Level Organisation Date Document
World General WVA/COMISA/IFAP 02/99 Prudent Use of Antibiotics: Global Basic Principles
Europe General FVE 05/99 Antibiotic Resistance & Prudent Use of Antibiotics in Veterinary Medicine
UK General BVA 09/98 2nd Report of Antimicrobials Working Group
UK Poultry BVPA 08/98 Guidelines on use of Antimicrobials in Poultry
UK Poultry RUMA 06/99 Responsible Use of Antimicrobials in Poultry Production
PHS staff took part in the development of all of the above documents, representing organisations such as the BVPA, Union of Veterinary Practitioners in Europe (UEVP) and World Veterinary Association.
World General WHO 04/00 WHO Draft Recommendations on prudent use of antimicrobials in food-producing animals 04/2000
The following links show the antimicrobials approved for use in poultry in the UK.
Therapeutics -Mostly for drinking water Listing of antimicrobials approved for use in poultry
Feed Additives Feed Additives - EU Dir. 70/524 listing