Poultry Health Services Web Site Launched

We are pleased to announce the presence of Poultry Health Services on the Internet.

Our address is : http://www.poultry-health.com

The site contains a wealth of information on poultry health issues and will continue to grow. When you first access it, and especially if you are new to the Internet, follow the "Tips for New Visitors" link at the middle left of the "menu box".

The site is in its early stages of development but we hope you will find it "content-rich". Icontains a number of distinct areas:

1. Open access to:

2. Client -only (links have [C] on the end) access to

3. An area for food retailers and caterers.

This will contain a range of useful documents, position papers and links in one place. The two areas currently under development relate to food safety and communication of scientific information. This could also be made available to the key retailer contacts in each of our client companies. Please contact us for further details.

We plan to gradually develop the site in accordance with usage/demand. Please make the effort to tell us what you like or dislike about it, and what specific improvements you would wish. There are various E-mail links on the site to facilitate this. Incidentally veterinary staff may now be contacted by our name@poultry-health.com (e.g. PaulMcMullin@poultry-health.com - note that there are no spaces) so we recommend that you use these addresses from now on.


PMcM 14th September 1999