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  Some Technical Bulletins
.............. Poultry Health Centre Opens 01/96
  Medicines in Turkeys - Withdrawal Periods 02/96
  BVPA Broiler Welfare Symposium - Roslin 07/96
  Bone Disease in Broilers in Europe 12/96
  ALV-J Leucosis Control 01/97
  Newcastle Disease Outbreak - Update 01/97
  Foot Dipping - Newcastle Disease Outbreak 02/97
  The Control of Vertical CAV Transmission in Broiler Parent Chickens 05/97
  Caecal Coccidiosis in Broilers - Control and Medication 07/97
  Medicated Feed Regulations 06/98
  Residues Control and Monitoring Results MAVIS January 1999 02/99
  The Communication of Risk (Calman at AVTRW) 03/99
  Health certification of purchased commercial hatching eggs and chicks 03/99
  Nicarbazin residues in broiler livers 04/99
  Approved Disinfectants Order 05/99
  Summary of Belgian Dioxin Problem 08/99
  Poultry Health Services Web Site Launched 09/99
  Interpreting results of sanitation monitoring 09/99