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Altavista NLM: Medline/PubMed

Poultry News
Go Gettem    
Poultry News   News in General
Google News: poultry
Colegio Real de Avicultura -Madrid (Espanhol)
Farmers Weekly for Agricultural News
Feed Info
*WATT Net - Poultry International
  BBC News Online
Google News
*Medline - BiomedNet
Scientific American
Veterinary Record / In Practice
Poultry Organisations   Veterinary Organisations
British Poultry Council
National Farmers Union (UK)
Poultry Industry Council (Canada)
National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP-USA)
Poultry Science Association (US)
United Kingdom Poultry Research Liaison Group
US Poultry & Egg Association
Incubation and Fertility Research Group
World Poultry Science Association
  World Veterinary Poultry Association
British Veterinary Poultry Association
Italian Poultry Veterinary Association
American Association of Avian Pathologists (AAAP)
Federation of Veterinarians in Europe (FVE)
European Veterinary Schools
World Veterinary Association
Medicines Regulation   Medicines Manufacturers
European Medicines Evaluation Agency (EMEA)
European Union Drug Regulatory Network (EUDRANET)
European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines - Eu Pharmacopaeia
FARAD (Food Animal Residue Avoidance Database)
Center for Veterinerary Medicine(USA)
Veterinary Medicines Directorate (UK)
Veterinary Products Committee (UK)
  IFAH - International Federation for Animal Health
NOAH - National Office for Animal Health
Animal Health Institute (USA)
Bayer Animal Health
Fort Dodge Animal Health
Intervet International
Intervet UK
Lohmann Animal Health International
Schering Plough Animal Health
Food Standards/Food Safety/Public Health   International Organisations
EC's Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed[RASFF]
European Food Safety Authority
EU Food Safety Scientific Committees
Department of Health UK
Food Standards Agency UK
USDA FSIS - HACCP, Risk assessment etc
  OIE (UN Animal Disease Organisation)
UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)
UN World Health Organization (WHO)
UK Goverment (other)   The European Union (other)
DEFRA (Previously Ministry for Agriculture)
DEFRA : Health Conditions for International trade
Customer information notes - Index
Defra, UK-International Disc. Documents (OIE)
Veterinary Laboratories Agency (DEFRA UK)
UK Parliament including House of Lords
UK Statutory Instruments
  EU Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare
EU SCAHW Opinions
EUR-Lex - Home
Other Poultry Information Resources   Poultry Breeders
Antec International
Carfax - publishers of Avian Pathology
Computer Programs from UCLA
NetVet Poultry Resources
Janssen Animal Health-guide to worms and worm control programmes
Poultry - causes of feather loss
Cannibalism - Cause and Prevention in Poultry
Clemson University
Poultrynet Illonois
University of California, Davis (Management Manuals)
University of Virginia Poultry Resources
University of Virginia - Biosecurity for Poultry
Perdue University
Small Flock & Gamebird Information (UCLA)
Texas A&M University Poultry Science WWW - Virtual Library
Cobb-Vantress Inc.
Hendrix Poultry Breeders
Hubbard Farms/ISA/BUT
Lohmann Tierzucht
  Epidemiology and Poultry Health Economics
  Economics of Poultry Diseases (University of Reading)
Epidemiology at AusVet Animal Health Services
Epidemiology and Philosophy - WSU Pullman USA
Epivet Net - Massey University Epidemiology and Statistical
Epidemiology Super Course