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Hillstec No-D Solution

Indications: Anti-stress, nutritional supplement

Dosage: 25-75 ml/200 litres

Route: Drinking Water

Indications: Free-range layers in summer- 3 days, flocks suffering stress or disease challenge 1-2 days.

This is a broad spectrum multi-vitamin supplement, especially high in vitamin E just like classic Hillstec Solution . For general information on multi-vitamin supplementation in poultry see Soluble Vitamins for Poultry. Most vitamins are nutrients which cannot be synthesised in the birds body. Vitamin D is synthesised when sunlight strikes the skin. Also, like all fat soluble vitamins it can accumulate in liver. There is some evidence that 'normal' levels of vitamin D in feed associated with exposure to the ultraviolet spectrum present in sunlight can be associated with some subtle problems, particularly pale-shelled eggs. Most multi-vit preparations have substantial amounts of vitamin D and could exacerbate this effect. This product allows you to supplement the nutrition of birds exposed to sunlight (especially poorly-feathered flocks) without the risk of excess vitamin D.

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Hillstec Solution, 1 litre pakc and measuring cup
Composition (per litre)
Vitamin Conc. litre
A 10.0 miu
E(alpha Tocopherol acetate) 40000 mg
K3 3300 mg
B1 3000 mg
B2-Riboflavin 5350 mg
B6-Pyridoxine 4000 mg
B12 20000 mcg
Nicotinamide 40000 mg
Pantothenic acid 10000 mg
Folic acid Precursor (PABA) 1000 mg
Biotin 175000 mcg


Pack Outers of Cost/Pack
1 litre 12 packs Call01845 577907
5 litres 4 packs "

*The extremes of the range of cost per litre drinking water were calculated on dosages of 25 and 75 mls/200 litres.

Free Delivery in UK on orders of :

12 litres or more in 1 litre packs (1 outer)

20 litres or more in 5 litre packs (1 outer)