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  PHS can provide veterinary certification services to the poultry industry. Staff and certain contracted veterinarians are appointed by DEFRA as Official Veterinarians/ Local Veterinary Inspectors for specific functions in relation to poultry health.
  Specific activities:
  Annual re-approval of Poultry Health Scheme Premises (the initial approval is carried out by the Animal Health Veterinary Laboratories Agency)
  Issuing of export certificates (Traces System) for EU Exports - We have direct on-line access to Traces (OPV Module)
Hatching eggs and day old chicks
  Issuing of 3rd Country export certificates - Hatching Eggs and day old chicks
  Please note: When acting as OV's we may only issue certificates agreed and approved by DEFRA/Animal Health
  Private Certificates: Where official certificates are not available Poultry Health Services can develop and, in accordance with RCVS principles of certification, issue private certificates. While no guarantees can be given of the acceptability of such certificates to third parties, they have proved useful in some circumstances.

Current approval certificate of lead veterinarian